By 1896, the old cemetery in Pine Grove Mills (currently the Union Cemetery on West Pine Grove Road) was very crowded.   In April 1897, an option was abtained by Rev. Charles T. Aikens for a piece of land on the northern edge of town, owned by J.B and W.P Ard, J.M. Kepler, D.G. Meek, John Musser, Jr., P. F. Bottorf, and Rev. Aikens.  Aikens subscribed funds for the purchase.  On April 28, 1896, they met at the home of J. M. Kepler to organize the Pine Grove Mills Cemetery Association with J. M. Kepler as president, Char. T. Aikens as Secretary, and John Musser, Jr. as Treasurer.  The Association was incorporated on June 8, 1896 by act of Centre County Court.

The cemetery was opened to the public on July 4, 1896 and the first burial was on Sunday, August 23 when a five year old child of the late Cyrus Goss was buried. Consecration of the cemetery was held on September 27, 1896, with about three hundred persons attending.

The Pine Grove Mills Cemetery Association managed the cemetery until 2011. In May 2011, ownership of the cemetery was tranferred to the St. Paul Lutheran Church. The cemetery is currently managed by a team of 6 church members.



The Cemeteries of Ferguson Township Centre County, Pennsylvania, third printing July 2003