Cemetery Improvement

With the financial support from the Centre Foundation Kathryn K. and Roy D. Shoemaker Charitable Trust Fund and donations, we are continually making improvements in the cemetery.

2011   Landscaped and repaired the covered bench in the cemetery incorporating a  display case.

2011    Replaced the roof on the utility shed.

2012    Cleared and seeded the northwest border.

2012    Created a WEB site for the cemetery that includes a burial search with a military service listing.

2013    Installed a fence along the northwest border.

2014    Installed a granite memorial bench with the inscription “In Loving Memory of Mike and Kate Shoemaker.”


2014    Changed access driveways to the cemetery by widening the access at Nixon Road, shutting off the access via Kirk Street and installing a new access onto Chester Drive.

2014    Added stone to the cemetery road.

2015   Landscape the Chester Drive entrance.


2016  Landscape improvements

2017   Made enhancements to the columbarium and made landscape improvements

2018  Installed permanent property corner markers.

2019  The wrought iron fence along Nixon Road, which is over 100 year old, was painted using an industrial enamel paint.

2020   To divert storm runoff water from Kirk Street, an additional concrete barrier was installed at the end of Kirk Street and a drainage channel was created running parallel with Chester Drive.  The area was landscaped and seeded.

2021  Landscape improvements.

2022  Overgrown shrubbery and trees along the southeast border were removed or trimmed and the area was excavated in preparation of the future installation of a fence and trees. Ten arborvitae trees were planted along the western end of the southeast border.

2023  Another 21 arborvitae trees were planted along the southwest border starting from the trees we planted last year and ending about the half way point along the border. A fence was installed from the end of the trees and extended to meet the wrought iron fence at Nixon Road.  The covered bench was cleaned and painted.

Suggestions for future improvement can be sent to the Secretary.